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Sunday, September 24, 2006

In Which Wendy Shows A Finished Object And Then Babbles About Some Other Stuff

Here I am, right on time!

So...a Finished Object for Mom's birthday. I had a lot of fun knitting this and I actually finished it in time. Yee hah!

This was a headband kit from Bea Ellis Knitwear, knitted in the round on circulars. The outer layer is Peer Gynt wool and the inner liner is cotton (I'm too lazy to get up and find the ball band, do you really care?)

This was my first successful attempt at stranded knitting (there were several interesting failures) and I'm fascinated by the back of the knitting.

Here it is having the daylights blocked out of it, with a rolled up towel stuffed inside. I thought that was pretty ingenious of me. Vicious blocking really helped smooth out the stitches.

More pics:

Finished wrong-side-out

The join, which I made no attempt to hide, but isn't too hideous, I think.

I would definitely buy from Bea Ellis again - the kit was well written and the Peer Gynt knit up very nicely. I can tell it's going to be warm. Mom likes wearing those headband things, but I need a gigantic hat to be warm enough. I might have the courage now to try one of those patterns.

On the war front: SOCK WARS has officially begun and the battle has started out rather bloody. Some particularly violent assassins actually finished their socks in 9 or 10 hours!! Monday morning will no doubt dawn with a rush on the USPS. In fact, the very first assassination was carried out in person on Sunday.

Ummm...I've got a couple of inches done on mine.... There were some technical difficulties at first, involving gauge, cuffs coming out too large, bear attacks, scorpions, an alien invasion, zombies, vampires...Oh wait, those are the movies I've been watching. What were we talking about?

Oh, the sock! It's actually coming along nicely now, seems to be a nice size, and I love this "rib of doom". Once the war is over, I may try the rib in some smaller sock yarn for myself. Picture of the deadly weapon (ie. sock) "tomorrow."

By the way, what the hell is this?

And why was it hanging from one of my trees? Are we being invaded by something?


At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, forgot my username and password again.

Girlfriend, you are becoming such a knitter that I don't even know what you're talking about half the time! I finally figured out what FO's are...duh! Well, maybe if I take up knitting this winter, I'll understand more. But what if I choose crocheting instead? Dear Lord, will we ever be able to communicate???

In regards to the picture of the f@#ked up spikey cucumber-like thingy. Have you tried eating it? Go ahead! Just peel it and chop it up and put in in a salad with a nice balsamic vinegar dressing or something and let me know. I have no clue. I'm a little afraid to visit you because you have all of these strange mutant-like plants and stuff.

Lula's Mum

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Wendy Merganser said...

Are you trying to kill me?! What if when I cut it open, some horrible mutant thing comes out and jumps on my face just like in Aliens? huh? Oh, the humanity!

Oh, I know, I'll feed it to the parrot. MUAH, AH, AH!!!

Don't worry, if you take up crochet, I've met some crocheters who can translate for us. Or we can learn some primitive form of communication consisting of grunts and rude hand gestures. We'll think of something.

At 6:35 PM, Anonymous kathyjh said...

this is the happy recipient speaking. i love the new warm head band. i did not realize it was made from peer gynt wool. it even has classical music roots. what makes it 'peer gynt'? and i'm with lula's mom. what is stranded knitting?? if i understand what you mean by 'the join' then i agree it is quite neat. your aunt sue even commented that i could wear it reversed so i think she concurs.

i guess l.m. has about the best idea for exploring what's under those delightful thorns. where's the thing now and what's it doing? i assume there are no others? are you watching for them?

btw, on another subject. did you guys hear that apparently peta demonstrated at steve irwin's memorial service and said some really bad and stupid things. esther was hopping mad about it and said if his wife does not sue she wants to. they think he abused animals. i told her what i said in an e.mail to my australian friend kathy. i told her that there were some critics here saying he and others who imitate him take too many chances in the name of being cute and entertaining. i told her that it seemed to me in this day and age of overstimulation by tv, computer, the net that he needed to be that hyperactive and exuberant in order to get the attention on behalf of wildlife.

so that's my piece for today.

love, warm headed one

p.s. hey, l.m. call yourself an 'other' and you don't have to have a password. :) unless you're a blog, too? so blogs can talk to one another maybe? can they get green and grow spiny things as well?


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