"This fog is thick as peanut butter."

"You mean pea soup."

"You eat what you like and I'll eat what I like!"

- Yukon Cornelius and Hermey the Elf

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why You Should Always Run to the Window Whenever Zeke Barks:

Because sometimes it means there's a turkey in the yard! And then after you injure yourself in the mad dash for a camera, wearing only long underwear because you were right in the middle of changing your clothes, you might notice not just one turkey, but a whole flock(?) gobble(?) gang(?) What do you call a lot of turkeys? ummm..... I know! tasty! You might notice a whole tasty of turkeys right in your backyard!!

See? Look at the top of the middle tree above the Blair Witch Doghouse. It's a terrible, blurry picture of a Gobble Gobble Yum-Yum! Ain't he cute?

Not very bright though, are they? He struggled to find a comfy spot in this tree to settle down for the night, but two trees over is a giant pine tree, with not only much larger branches, but cover to prevent predators and hunters from seeing him. One can only sigh heavily and hope for the best.

The next afternoon, Zeke and I went out to look for tracks. The woods down by the stream are completely covered in turkey tracks. I think they had a little turkey rave back there.

I also found these tracks coming out of the stream and heading straight up an almost 90 degree cliff to the neighbor's backyard. Any guesses? They're almost as big as Zeke's tracks and they looked webbed! They couldn't possibly be otter or beaver tracks right? I mean, that would be too good to be true.

I'm not even going to mention the cat tracks that are too big to be housecat tracks. Those are also too good to be true. I must be hallucinating.

I'm pretty positive about the coyote tracks though, because when Zeke found some poop accompanying them, he put his Very Serious Face on and carefully peed on the poop. He doesn't do that for ordinary dog poop.

Saturday I finally got some of my little seeds planted, for better or for worse. The suspense is killing me! They don't just pop right up out of the dirt though, do they?

And earlier today: I finally caught our local snow plow in action! A whole winter has gone by and I still haven't gotten sick of seeing these things.

P.S. On a final note: while Zeke has gorged himself on every possible type of poop in the woods, including some very old, very mushy "mystery poop" I have discovered that he is not at all interested in turkey poop. Go figure.

P.P.S. Did anybody get the plastic baby in a King Cake this past Mardi Gras season? I need a little plastic baby to put in with my Rosemary plants.
...what? you know.....Rosemary's baby?


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous kathyjh said...

wow that snowplow is awesome. they mean business don't they? i can see why going out to work the day after a major snowstorm up there is a piece of cake.

re the tracks. it's definitely not beaver and the behavior-going straight up that incline away from the water- is pretty uncharacteristic.

i'm not really great at identifying tracks but i'd say it's a member of the weasel family. otter seems unlikely because as the 'tracks' book author says they pretty much 'plow through the snow'. you'd see evidence of that thin belly? on the way back they would probably slide down the incline you describe. possibilites to my amateur eye would be marten,mink,weasel, skunk and maybe even a wolverine? could that possibly be? i think i should have your dad take a look at blog and book tonight.

so. when zeke barks you not only have to look out but up. he's pretty darn good.

sorry. no plastic babes at this house.

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous anteve said...

Those are really neat track pictures. My vote is for a raccoon. The little elongated foot with claws/toes.. and the track in an almost single line like a cat..down near the stream... me thinks its Rocky Raccoon. Probably awakening from a winter nap... and pretty annoyed there is still snow in April!!

Either that or an upright walking Sasquatch in Little Person size... (wouldn't that make it a human?)


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