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Friday, July 13, 2007

The "Rape" of Justice

Please. If you are a woman, please go here and read this blog entry. If you are a man who knows and likes one or more women, please also read this blog entry.

Please read it. I'm too disgusted and appalled to comment on it right now.

This is now the end of my rapidly waning respect for the American justice system. Justice is utterly, utterly dead.


At 2:57 PM, Anonymous kathyjh said...

i promise to pass the word on. this is pretty unbelievable. how did you happen to hear about it?

funny but it reinforces what i was saying to my friend who is in prison because of a miscarriage of justice. in one of my weekly letters to her i told her about reading phylis trible's 'texts of terror'. she discusses 4 blblical stories involving women and terrible incidents of terror. one, for instance is about a concuibine whose master gives her over to a group rape to protect himself, then takes her home (dead or alive? the story is not clear) where he cuts her up in pieces and sends them around to all the tribes of israel as a means of bringing about revenge- big help to her.

trible's point is that stories like this must be acknowledged and mined for their meaning for us lest we go on making the same mistakes, lest we forget. for women, violence and inequality have always been with us. even when we 60's folks thought we have made things different the same behaviors have cycled back again. we must never stop being vigilant, never stop struggling for these things to end.


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