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Thursday, August 17, 2006

What a coinkidink

What an interesting coincidence...I finally ordered my very own copy of John Waters' "A Dirty Shame" which, to my own dirty shame, I hadn't seen yet, even though it was filmed in my neighborhood while I was living there. The day before it arrived in the mail (they do NOT sell John Waters movies around these here parts) I picked up the latest Vogue Knitting. And guess who is in both?? Tracey Ullman! Smart, funny, a knitter, clearly a good sport....

So the movie! I want so badly to be John's BFF (that's best friend forever). I can't wait to watch the movie again tonight with his commentary on - I love hearing him talk about old Bawlmer. I admit, it was hard to follow the plot because I kept looking behind the actors at the houses - that's my neighborhood! My house was too ugly to be picked for the movie. I was OK with having an ugly house, because I figured it looked like there was nothing inside worth stealing. But I should have made it pretty so it could be in the movie! My good friend, Lula's Mom has her old apartment in 2 scenes. No fair! The scene where the naked couple answers the door? That's almost directly across the street from my old home sweet home. Ah, memories. But let me assure you people, Hamilton was NEVER that exciting in real life. It's too bad really.

I got a nice education into the seedy underworld of sex addicts, let me tell you. Paydays and platejobs and blossoms, oh my...

Ooh! So back to Tracey. She's co-authored a new knitting book, which I can't wait to see. Guess what it says on page 38 of VK? "Her first taste of how much better [knitting has become] came in autumn 2003 while filming John Waters's raunchfest "A Dirty Shame" on location in Baltimore...." OH. MY. GOD. I was there, man!

This is my first VK, but I'm very impressed. I likes it. Usually when you buy a magazine, you're lucky if you want to make one or two of the projects inside, but there's a whole bunch of stuff I love.

Look at this - I would totally buy this in a store and I think if I'm a good girl and I practice my stranded knitting, I could eventually make something that vaguely resembled the picture.

And this really intrigues me. I think I like it? What do you think?

And LOOK at these!!! I loves 'em!

Am I supposed to be doing this? Please don't sue me magazine people...

Oh, and these. I wouldn't use this color, but the pattern looks ingenious - a whole different way to make socks.

You know, I have two sweaters on the needles (that I'll show you someday) and I like to make other things, but if someone told me tomorrow that I was only allowed to knit socks for the rest of my life, I might actually be OK with it. I really love socks. Who knew?

Doesn't this look funny? It's the bottom of my "Global Warming" socks. (So named because I cast on during Al Gore's movie.)

Here's the top.

They look like moccasins right now. Would you believe I f-ed up the heel twice already? It's exactly the same as the toe and you'd think I'd have learned my lesson, but no. Why would I want to pay attention to the pattern and follow the instructions? That's only for sissies who want to do things right the first time.


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your house wasn't ugly, Miss Wendy. I thought it was charming. Mine was pretty ugly and it had the crazy man living upstairs. You know he was down there chatting up the film crew while they were filming it. He probably drove them nuts or maybe they thought he was a character and really liked him. You gotta wonder what John was looking for when he chose the houses. Some, like the bear house, were obvious choices but why would he pick my livingroom with the ugly blue carpet? Only Mr. Waters can answer that. Maybe one day we can ask him. Anyway, I'm sooo glad you finally saw the movie and loved it as much as I do.

The socks look great and I absolutely love the colors! You are such a talented young lady. As for the gray-ish blue sweater, I like it lots.

Lula's Mom

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous kathyjh said...

Watch it now, ms. wendy. that one model, with the grayish hair, looks like she could be a RETIREE. i think all that stuff would look great. good luck.

when did you say the quilt group starts up again? were they youngish or oldish?

lula's mom, were they filming in your living room?? i have not seen this movie yet. it will have to go on my 'to do' list.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Josh said...

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